Artemis Goddess of Hunt

Meet the Olympian Goddess of the Hunt, Wild, Chastity, and Childbirth!

χαίρετε my dear mortals! It is I – your friendly shape-shifting Goddess of Hunt. You know me as the Pure, Pristine, Virgin Goddess of Hunt. What you may not know is that I’m much more than that! All things Nature and Wild belong to me and that makes me the Mother of Creatures – Yes, Dragons included!

As the favorite Goddess of the rural populace and a friend of the mortals, I demand your utmost fealty.  I can be fiercely protective of my loyal subjects and those whom I love. Believe me, it is a good thing! If you want to know more about my journey in the new world and about my dragon Sayeh, then head over to my Author Page at All In The Pantheon.

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